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1. Design matters.

If your home feels good, you feel good. And by the way, who wouldn’t feel good in a “Cocktail Chair”?

2. You designed it.

All of our furniture is 100% customizable with beautiful fabrics and patterns - allowing you to create the chair that’s truly YOU.

3. You'll create less waste.

Our furniture is made-to-order, which means no unused inventory sitting in a warehouse. 

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4. The Inside leads with design.

The Inside is the brainchild of design icon Christiane Lemieux, and our team of New York-based designers are always on the pulse.

5. It’s conveniently shipped and easy to assemble.

It arrives in a box straight to your door via FedEx with just a few washers and bolts, which means less time waiting and fumbling around with instructions and more time relaxing. 

6. It's a trade secret.

The Inside offers designer furniture and textiles at a retail price. Smiling yet?