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What Does Your Bed Say About You?

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Our plans for this Thanksgiving weekend? Staying. In. Bed. Which got us thinking, what do our beds say about us? Read below to see where you fit in.

Tom Ford's A Single Man

The Ikat Headboard

I’m bohemian, but glamours. I’m free-spirited and fun. I travel the world collecting vintage objet and never say no to a martini, extra dirty.



Miles Redd in his Bedroom

The Dramatic Canopy

I was royalty in a past life (and maybe this one too). I’m chic and pulled together, and don’t mind a little drama here and there.


Donald Judd's Bedroom via The Judd Foundation

The Mattress Basically on the Floor

I'm a minimalist. Period. 




Olatz Schnabel in her bedroom

The Antique Headboard

I’m romantic and could stay in bed all day long. My sheets’ thread count is so high, they’re illegal in some states. I always have fresh flowers at my bedside, and silk pajamas on my body.


Les Lalannes via Life Magazine

The Whimsical Bed

I’m a dreamer. My bed transports me to another world. I relish the unexpected and live for fantasy.


Tom Ford's Bedroom in his London Flat

The Lacquered Bed

I’m SEXY. When I climb into bed, everything feels luxe. And it’s fantastic.


The Public Hotel, NYC designed by Herzog & de meuron

The Built-In Bed

I’m efficient in every aspect of my life. I love Japanese design and documentaries that make me smarter.


Shaq's Bedroom via MTV Cribs

The Custom Bed

I can do whatever I want because no one is stopping me. 

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Modern Wingback Bed

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