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The Everygirl x The Inside: An Inside Look

We are so excited about our most recent collaboration with The Everygirl! Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss--the stylish duo behind the online media platform--designed their collection around the belief that your home’s investment pieces should be neutral, giving you the opportunity to effortlessly introduce color and personality on your own.

Or as Kaczmarski and Moss explain:

We’re SO excited about the collection we created for The Inside because it’s perfectly in line with our number one design belief of investing in neutral pieces in classic shapes. We appreciate creative, colorful pieces as much as the next person, but furniture and home decor is a big investment for most. It’s not like clothing where you can change it up every season.

These are items you’ll have for years (and look at and use daily!). It’s much easier for individuals, couples, and families to design a home if you create a base with neutral pieces as the foundation to then build off of. You really can go in almost any direction with the style and design (and color!) if you add that in accents. Those smaller pieces are much easier and more affordable to change out should you want a new look or color for the season or year."






From their classic Ikat to their playful Dotted Blot, The Everygirl ladies have designed a collection of fabrics and furniture that can easily mix and match, giving you the confidence to be your own decorator.



Graphics courtesy of The Everygirl

Here at The Inside we have been longtime fans of The Everygirl, and we are so excited to see their collection in your home--tag us with #theverygirlxtheinside to share with us.

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  • Britt says: January 23, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    I love this collab!!