How French Girls Make Their Beds

This French girl says, trust me you want to make your bed à la française. It’s all about style and attitude in bed and out.

Image via Pinterest

1. Undecorate. Never over style. The perfect bed looks like someone just got out and is ready to get back in. 

2. You only need a throw pillow or two. You just end up throwing them on the floor and who wants to waste time doing that?

Interior by Joseph Dirand via @tmagazine

3. Who needs a flat sheet anyway? It just end up in a ball at the bottom of the bed or in the way.

via @popsugarhome

4. Luxe layers are so absolutely French. When’s it’s cold outside add a little luxe like a cashmere throw and cozy up like a real Parisienne.

Looking good in bed.

The Henry Street Headboard

5. It’s all about looking good in bed.  Frame yourself up with the perfect headboard.