Why Are Upholstered Beds So Popular?

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It’s likely that, while scrolling through interior design inspiration on Pinterest or flipping through your favorite home magazine, you’ve noticed how some of the chicest bedrooms feature an upholstered bed. Increasingly popular for their versatility, comfort and convenience, there are endless upholstered bed frame options that you can customize to bring your Pinterest dreams to life.

Whether you’re starting from scratch on a new master bedroom, or refreshing your bedroom décor in the guest room, we’ll help you understand why upholstered beds are so popular – and how to identify the best bed to fit your style and needs.

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Perhaps your vibe is more modern minimalist, with an affinity for straight lines and a pared-down palette, or maybe you’re more of a maximalist, with a more-is-more approach to interiors the celebrates layering. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, pulling in elements of a few different styles – from bohemian to traditional.

Despite your desired vibe, one of the reasons that upholstered beds are so popular is because they can be styled to complement any aesthetic, because you can customize the material, pattern, color and shape to match the rest of your bedroom furniture – from your traditional nightstands to your bohemian wall art.

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Shop the look: Square Back Bed in Yellow Zebra by Scalamandre


Upholstery refers to the materials – including fabric, padding, webbing and springs – that is used as the soft coverings on furniture (in this case, beds, but also on chairs, sofas and more). The fabric can be anything from linen, to velvet, to leather and more.

If you’re looking for a cool and crisp material that feels natural and organic, an upholstered bed in a neutral linen may be your best bet. For that feeling of luxurious glam that’s soft and cozy to the touch, opt for a velvet. And if you’re hypoallergenic or looking for a fabric that stays cool in warmer months, a leather or faux leather could do the trick.


Unlike wood frame and metal frame beds, upholstered beds also give you more freedom to customize your bed design by pattern and color – and the options really are unlimited. If you’re edging toward a bright and bold statement pattern, a Banana Palm pattern a la the Beverly Hills Hotel may be up your alley. Or maybe you’re looking to dabble in a subtle pattern that adds a little depth while still reading as a neutral – meet the Ticking Stripe. And if solid colors are your thing, there’s plenty of choice there too, from deep jewel tones to stark white.

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Shop the look: Art Deco Bed in White Velvet


On top of the material and pattern/color, one of our favorite elements of an upholstered bed is the options for the shape of the bed frame. For example, a Modern Platform Bed has a relatively low profile, perfect for a more minimal effect, whereas the dramatics of a Wingback Bed or Canopy Bed draws the eye upward and evokes the feeling of a luxe hotel suite.

The headboards themselves can also feature details to give additional shape and texture, from metal accents to tufting. For one, a decorative nailhead trim around the edge of an Art Deco Bed adds a unique touch, whereas the stitching on a panel bed or button-tufted headboard gives the feeling of added plushness.


Speaking of plush, comfort level is one of the key reasons why people prefer upholstered beds over their solid wood or metal cousins. A high-quality upholstered headboard – as anyone who likes to read, watch TV or just sit in bed and talk at night can attest – offers a cushioned headrest that makes your precious before-bed or first-thing-in-the-morning time even that much more relaxed.

What’s more, a footboard – think: same visual effect but on the opposite side of the bed as your headboard – can create a sense of cocooned coziness with an added dramatic element.

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Shop the look: Tailored Platform Bed in Charcoal Cabana Stripe


With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that an upholstered bed often becomes the conversation-starting piece of the bedroom. As the focal point of your space – whether it’s a queen bed in your master, or dual twin beds in your kids’ room – the options to make your bed truly feel like you are endless. Of all places, your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary, and your furniture choices – from the styling of the fabric to the frame – should feel uniquely yours.


People often wonder how upholstered beds stack up against other beds in terms of convenience and maintenance. While the fabric may require occasional vacuuming, particularly if you have pets that like to snuggle in bed with you, upholstered beds are relatively low maintenance if you know what to look for.

If you have kids or pets (or a partner) who are prone to spills and stains, look for performance fabric. Often available in both Performance Linen and Performance Velvet, these fabrics are designed to withstand more wear-and-tear and can be spot-cleaned as needed.

Upholstered beds are also convenient in other ways, as well. For one, if you opt for a Platform Bed, they don’t require a box spring (instead offering closely spaced wooden slats for mattress support), which is perfect if you’re starting from scratch. Or, if you’re in a smaller space and perhaps craving additional storage, a storage bed offers built-in space under the bed for next season’s clothes or extra bedding.

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Shop the look: Modern Wingback Bed in Delft Chintz

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