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The Perfect Pairing

By The Inside

The most challenging part of the decorating process often comes when the finish line is in sight. The final touches—that last layer of personality—are what make a space feel truly finished. And while finding the right seating for a space is difficult, finding the perfect pillow can prove to be just as challenging. We’ve rounded up our team’s suggestions for picking the perfect throw pillows.


Sometimes the most elegant option is the simplest. Try selecting the same fabric for your chair and pillow, especially if your chair is dressed in a bold pattern like a black and white cabana stripe.


Courtesy of The Inside

One of our favorite tricks of the trade: take the main color of your chair’s fabric and select a complementary tone. If you don’t know where to begin, look at a color wheel, find where your seat’s color lives and look across the wheel to find an appropriate pillow color. Some classic pairings, as illustrated by the Clare V. designs shown above, include greens with reds, blues with oranges, and purples with yellows.


Courtesy of Rue Magazine

Another classic designer move: mix contrasting textures. For example, if you have a smooth leather on your chair, opt for a highly textured pillow like this sheepskin.


Courtesy of The Inside

If you’re starting with a neutral canvas, the world is your oyster. Shopping for a throw pillow offers an opportunity to experiment with pattern. Go wild and consider trying a trend you’ve been eyeing. After all, a throw pillow is less substantial and more affordable than a piece of furniture.


Courtesy of Lee Jofa

If you’ve fallen in love with a patterned chair, use an accent pillow as a way to accentuate one of the colors in the motif. This will create a cohesive yet intriguing look.

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