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No More Waste.

We're committed to keeping our impact on The Inside, not the outside.

By The Inside

One of the largest issues plaguing the furniture industry today is a lack of sustainable business practices. To sell affordable furniture, many brands manufacture in factories overseas with inconsistent quality control. However, The Inside has designed a sustainable business model entirely from scratch that produces high-quality, North American-made furniture.

We’re committed to keeping our impact on The Inside, not the outside. The Inside’s reimagined supply chain not only eliminates inventory waste through on-demand manufacturing, but also uses a water-free digital printing system.

No Water.

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Each year, 1.3 trillion gallons of freshwater are used in the dyeing of textiles, amounting to 20% of global industrial water pollution. The dye wastewater is discharged, often untreated, into the environment.

The Inside digitally prints all patterns on-demand. Digital textile printing saved over 10.5 billion gallons of water worldwide in 2018.

No Waste.

The Inside also holds zero pieces of inventory, as on-demand printing allows us to create products only when sold. Rather than holding inventory, we drop ship all of our orders direct from our manufacturers, reducing the need for waste, warehousing and dead inventory. Since there’s no mass production, there’s no industrial-level waste.

This zero-inventory model means more choice for you, and less waste for our world.

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