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Mix It Like a Pro: Cliff Fong

By The Inside

Cliff Fong is a go-to designer among the stars, known for pulling together a modern mix of important 20th Century design, fine art, and vintage finds. His laid-back style is sought after by everyone from Ellen Degeneres to Jason Biggs. Read on to see Cliff’s pattern selections from The Inside and learn how he mixes them together.

As an interior designer, Cliff creates unique, personal, and often unexpected environments. He approaches design in an interdisciplinary fashion, looking to both fine art and 20th century design to create curated residential and commercial spaces.


Bittersweet Modern Screen and Ink Melio Cocktail Chair

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

“Patterns especially help create visual vectors and irony in what’s often chosen to be a generally neutral palette. Color can be bold and patterns pop without sacrificing a luxurious and soft looking room.”


Aqua Velvet Mid-Century BenchWhite Fracture By Homepolish Deco Ottoman, and Emerald Velvet Throw Pillows

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

“Much of my process in designing a home is informed by my time in Europe and through my study of European art, architecture, and history. There, you’ll often find mid-century modern or conceptual and contemporary mixed with 17th and 18th century architecture and motifs.”


Sand Linen Modern Platform Bed and Bittersweet Velvet Throw Pillows

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson, Courtesy of Architectural Digest

“If you often wear a tee shirt and a pair of jeans that makes you feel sexy and confident, it just takes the right shoes, bag, jewelry etc, to push your look towards the mood you’re feeling. I use color and patterns in a room, the same way.”

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