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7 Home Decor Items Every Thirty-Something Should Own

What's missing from your list?

By The Inside


Orange X-Bench

Nothing says “ready for anything” like a pair of sleek x benches. Unmatched in versatility and perfect for sneaky seating, this dynamic duo can be easily stowed for a pop of pattern when not in use.


Leather couch

It’s time to toss out that tired hand-me-down and invest in a sofa that enhances your everyday. As the centerpiece of your home, your sofa should celebrate personal style and make your space feel absolutely yours. Kids in the picture? Consider a patterned sectional to camouflage those unpredictable spills or a performance fabric for easy cleaning. Frequent host? Opt for a sleek sleeper sofa that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort or style.


Tabletop linen

The table is an often-overlooked medium for inspiration and expression — but it’s actually one of the simplest ways to bring your own style to the very personal act of sharing a meal with loved ones. And while there’s a time and a place for paper napkins, coordinated (and machine-washable) linens make hosting so effortless and chic that you’ll find yourself using them every time you sit down for a bite.


Artwork is often most authentic and impactful when accumulated over time, and what better time to start than now? Next time you’re traveling or find yourself in an environment where you feel particularly moved, bring a piece of that home with you to your most meaningful place.


Striped bed

By the time you turn 30, you’ve likely spent more than a decade in bed. It’s about time to make the next decade of sleep even more luxurious than the last, with an investment for which you’ll only be sorry once the alarm goes off. An indulgent sheet set and a beautiful bed are non-negotiables — and, as the largest item in the room, a considered bed also doubles as a work of art.


Fawn Ottoman

The complementary vase that came with your last flower delivery deserves a break. For a vase that does double duty and never gets relegated to the back of the closet, opt for one that you’re just as excited about when it’s empty as when it’s filled with your favorite arrangement. 

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