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Design History

A Brief History of Old World Weavers

A look behind-the-scenes at The Inside’s latest collab

No More Waste.

We're committed to keeping our impact on The Inside, not the outside.

12 Interior Designers That Define Design

The OG greats -- who embody Beyond The Beige

Leopard vs. Cheetah: The Ultimate Guide to Animal Decor

Think you know the difference between leopard and cheetah? You'd be surprised. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the history of decorating with these versatile animals prints.

Everything You Need to Know About Stripes

Reminiscent of the French Riviera, the cabana stripe recalls memories of sun-kissed skin and beachy waves. But where did this connotation come from — and has that always been the case? Read on to find out.

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