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A Pattern for Every Personality

By The Inside

Have you taken the Myers–Briggs questionnaire yet? If the answer is no, start here and then come back! If you’re already acquainted with the survey and your results, continue on to find out which pattern best suits your personality type.


Sand Melio

Analysts fall into one of the following archetypes: The Architect, The Logician, The Commander, and The Debater. What all of these individuals share is a deep curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The pattern that best matches? Sand Melio, a geometric landscape that’s intellectual (we drew inspiration from painter De Chirico) and lets the mind wander.

Analysts may also like Muki Dot, Anni By Christene Baberich, and Red Navy Cube. Find your swatches here.


Ivory Lellani By SF Girl By Bay

Being a diplomat means that you fall into on one the following personality types: The Advocate, The Mediator, The Protagonist, or The Campaigner. These individuals inspire through enthusiasm, and they are on a mission to contribute to the greater good. Their pattern is Ivory Lellani By SF Girl By Bay, an uplifting floral geometric that feels both organized and mystical.

Diplomats may also like: Porcelain Coquina By Scalamandre, Fawn, and Pink Blocks By Christene Barberich. Find your swatches here.


Navy Cabana Stripe

Sentinels are one of the following: The Logistician, The Defender, The Executive, or The Consul. All are fiercely reliable and practical. They are always looking to help others. The pattern for these personalities is Navy Cabana Stripe, a solid staple that always feels refreshing.

Sentinels may also like: Azul Ticking Stripe By SF Girl By Bay, Tan Baldwin Bamboo By Scalamandré, and French Blue Check. Find your swatches here.


Banana Palm

The Explorers group includes The Virtuoso, The Adventurer, The Entrepreneur, and The Entertainer. These individuals live on the edge, and they love spontaneity and experimentation. That’s why their pattern is Banana Palm—an imaginative exploration of tropical botanicals that feels like a party.

Explores may also like: Mandarin Lanai by Scalamandre, Zebra, and Terracotta Sperduti. Find your swatches here.

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