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5 Ways to Transform Your Space for Under $200

By The Inside

When the dead of winter arrives and the January obsession with tidying begins to wane (we see you, Marie Kondo disciples), it’s important to create a space that’s both comfortable and energizing. The good news: you can substantially alter a room without breaking the bank. Don’t know where to begin? Here are five tweaks that can dramatically shift the mood.


Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Transform a tiny space with wallpaper, or add a pop of interest to a larger space by plastering an accent wall with an eye-catching print. Regardless of the design challenge you’re addressing, pick a pattern that feels risky (but undeniably you). The walls are your blank canvas. If you’re feeling nervous, you can always look to temporary options. We love these removable Banana Palm panels (starting at $129) that pay homage to Dorothy Draper.


Courtesy of Domino

That dresser you took from your grandparent’s basement? Perhaps all it needs is a fresh coat of paint or new hardware. We enjoy scouring Etsy, but Home Depot has plenty of great knobs and handles too.


Photo: Frankie Marin

Throw pillows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to experiment in your abode. Drawn to the 70s trend but not ready to pull the plug on a shag rug? A retro collection of throw pillows will surely do the trick. While they’re the least substantial piece in a room, pillows are often one of the most noticeable layers—and tbh, guests will likely take note of a playful pop on your sofa before they have time to pass judgement on your hard furnishings. Plus, you’re upping your comfort game. Win-win.


Courtesy of Sight Unseen

People often disregard the importance of lighting when considering their space. Lighting impacts both how you see your room (the color, the artwork) and how you use it (reading, writing). Adding or subtracting a source of light may be the key to unlocking your room’s potential. Identify how you want the lighting to make you feel, and think about previously hidden spots that might benefit from illumination.


Courtesy of The Selby

Simply put, you need some houseplants. They add a layer of life that no textile, lamp, or work of art can bring, improving air quality, scent, and appearance along the way. To make things easier, we’ve gathered tips for choosing the perfect greenery.

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